5 common mistakes to avoid when buying a watch

Choosing the right timepiece isn't the easiest choice. Many people want to find a watch that's both good looking, timeless and match most of your outfits.
Here are 5 common mistakes we think you should try to avoid when looking for a new watch.

1. Buying a casual watch you won’t be able to wear with everything

A big part of purchasing casual watches is that you are going to be able to wear them with pretty much anything (including a suit).

The best casual watches can go with a white T-shirt and jeans as well as a three-piece suit with a bit of a stylistic twist. The easiest solution is to look for a watch that's simplistic yet will make your friends wonder where you bought it from.

2. Following the trends (buying the same as everyone)

What's more boring than seeing everyone wear the same shoes or the same watch? Try to avoid to buy the same watches as your friends do.

See your choice of a new watch as a personality booster - something that will help you express your true style.

The same applies to shoes, tshirts and everything. Use your style to boost your personality!

3. Focusing on vanity specifications

Specifications are important, but it's easy to become hyped over details and metrics that won't make your experience truly better.

It's important that you choose a watch with a quality movement and that the case is water resistant. But don't focus on all the fuzzy details if you don't really need them. Simplicity is often the key to a great watch.

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4. Buying based entirely on brand-name recognition

One of the most commmon mistakes we see at AR/WE is how people pay too much for watches from big brands just because they're familiar with that big fashion brand.

We recommend you to try to look at either big brands that make quality watches or smaller brands that focus on either personality, quality or anything you're attracted to.

5. High price doesn't mean high quality

We've seen it. Brands that take more money for their products than they should.

You can create a quartz watches for as little as $10. It's not something we recommend because that often comes with really, really bad quality.

The brand can choose to markup the price from $10 to $50, which isn't that bad. The bad part is when brands take $150 to $250 for these watches. And trust us - we've seen that happen!

It's insane that the price can be so disconnected from the true quality, but that's how the industry works.

Be careful and look for the most important specifications and make sure the company you buy for got a money-back-guarantee which allows you to get your money back if the watch doesn't meet your expectations.

Good luck! 

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