The 3 most popular Spring 2017 color trends

Before you scroll down and read which colors we (and many influential brands) think are the hottest ones 2017 - which 3 colors do you think we’ll mention below? Get 3/3 correct answers and we'll give you an additional strap with your AR/WE (seriously).

1 - Different shades of pink

Have you missed this one? You should follow us on Instagram. This is our favorite color right now!

Pink sweaters and shoes are literally all over Instagram right now. Several brands - from Acne to COS and H&M have focused on their pink collections and they’re dominating!

Left photo is from @erikingr and the right one is from @karuzoknee on Instagram.

2 - Black of all types

Well… black is maybe not a color? But it’s really in the Insta feeds 2017. Especially black sneakers and clean black sweaters (like in the images below).

Left photo: From @wouterkaan on Instagram wearing this long sleeved tee from Comme Des Garcons - from £69.
Right photo: Get the shoes on - $210.

Black is always a safe choice, yet not boring. The advantage is that it suits almost all your outfits. Check out our Black on Black AR/WE Sweden watch!

3 - Earthy influence - brown/green

Kanye West and Jeezy have made the earthy colors pop the last years. We think 2017 will be filled with these colors - much thanks to Kanye West.

Our favorite garment is probably this navy green shacket/overshirt.

Both images are from the Swedish clothing brand - A Day’s March. Get the overshirt here - $130

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